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Your child is playing Minecraft on an online world with thousands of like-minded users. All users start with a default rank which comes with many features already, but not every one. Depending on what you buy, your child is rewarded with new feature(s), making the experience significantly more enjoyable. We keep your child entertained, making your job as a parent easier.

Offering the best Minecraft server experience since 2013, we're proud to be one of the most trusted servers. Checkouts are handled by PayPal. We can't see any personal info you use to pay whatsoever. PayPal also accepts credit/debit cards.

Purchases are applied to your Minecraft account within 5 minutes.

Email: Support@TacoMC.net
Purchases made here are to TacoMC, an independent Minecraft server. We aren't affiliated with Mojang, the company behind Minecraft.